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Maverick | Visionary | Leader

October 6, 1939 to October 17, 2020

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John is a part of all of us; he will live on in that way. Our job is to carry the torch and have as much positive impact as we can until it's time for us to pass on too.

Chip Barder, PhD
John's Mentee
2017 International Superintendent of the Year

Whenever we were looking for someone we would say, 'ask John Genasci, he will know'.

Bill Daniels
"Doctor Football"
Teammate & Lifelong Friend

John saw something in all of us. He changed my life in every best way possible, and I will never forget him. My children have never met John, but they all have expressed hope that they too will meet someone that inspires them in the same way.

Susan Henneberg
1979 Washoe High School Teacher

John hired me in 1973 to teach history at TASOK. He backed me all the way, even against the board of directors when they objected to a lesson I was teaching regarding dictatorship. He was one of the best and set an example for us all.

Bruce Bayliss, 1973 TASOK Teacher

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