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John and his brother, Bob, inherited Julio Genasci’s ranch in Sierra Valley and, within a few years, Andy bought out Bob’s half. John and Joe remodeled the 1860s house, 1940s house, several buildings, and the barn; it was truly a 3-year labor of love and many family and friends helped with a paintbrush or hammer. John acquired grants for waterways, fences, and land recovery and enjoyed fellowship with his Sierra Valley family and friends. He and childhood friend (and, likely, distant cousin), Leroy Vanetti, built five miles of fencing on the ranch one spring—each trying to out-work the other. His dam grant helped rebuild an old waterway critical to the watershed.

John and Kay were globetrotters, visiting friends who are more like family. They visited Andy and Katherine when they were stationed in South Africa, Germany, Nebraska, Kansas, California, and North Carolina to name a few.

John adored his family and, especially, his grandchildren: Garrett, Ava, John, and Maximus. Even with his big 6’4” frame, he’d squeeze into hiding places for a good game of hide-and-seek. He’d throw balls, challenge them in chess, make monster sounds, chase lizards, cook pizza, and love them beyond words. He was his sons’ first and best friend.

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